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The Aristocratic Household: Servants and Well-Wishers

Among the persons connected to a lord were a number of persons whose commitment to the lord remains unclear. Did they have a real relationship or not? Were they just transients in the lord's household or just someone who provided some serivce, got paid, and went on about their own business? From the records, the only sure conclusion that can be drawn is that the persons had some association with the lord. These persons include feoffees, witnesses, servants (which could mean anyone who acted on behalf of the lord as an intermediary) and well-wishers. These people were certainly part of the same society, may have known one another, and might not be at dangerous enmity. Nothing more is sure.

It is to be expected that a lord will have around him a number of people who are aspiring to service. Such persons might achieve their aspirations, becoming a part of the household, or give up upon them, falling into the orbit of some other lord.

Others may appear (especially when we look through records written some several centuries in the past) to be associated with a lord, defering to him while lacking a formal connection. Such informal relationships might endure for years or change with the slightest shift in political winds.