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Medieval Gardens

In the middle ages, physicians, cooks, and housewives knew that herbs and plants had a variety of uses for keeping people healthy and the home clean.

Listed here are a number of plants we know were cultivated for food, medicine, and other helpful applications.
Plants whose common names begin A-C
Plants whose common names begin D-L
Plants whose common names begin M-R
Plants whose common names begin S-Z
Some useful definitions:
beauty - a plant grown for its beauty
cooking - a plant grown as a food source or spice
dyeing - a plant grown for use as a dye
fiber - a plant used for making thread/cloth
fragrance - a plant grown for its scent
fulling - a plant used in the process of turning raw fiber into thread/yarn
medicine - a plant grown for medicinal uses
repellant - a plant used as a pest repellant
strewing - a plant used to lay around a room or chest to provide pest repellant and a pleasant fragrance
Book References:
Margaret B. Freeman - Herbs for the Mediaeval Household For Cooking, Healing and Divers Uses
Sylvia Landsberg - The Medieval Garden
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