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Visitations of the Black Death (as seen from 1382)

32-34 Years Ago (1348-50)

The first visitation: starting in summer in south coast ports including Southampton

35-45% mortality; though whole families, and the entire populations of some villages and monasteries perished

“few great men” died, though one was the Chancellor

32 years ago (1350)

harvests failed for lack of people to plant and reap.

20-21 Years Ago (1361-62)

called the “mortality of Infants”, since it particularly affected children

Henry and Blanche of Lancaster, and the Bishops of London, Worcester, and Ely died

17 Years Ago (1365)

minor outbreak

13-14 Years Ago (1368-69)

this visitation also particularly fatal to children

also affected larger animals

8 Years Ago (1374)

started in the south, particularly severe in London

also particularly fatal to children

3-4 years ago (1378-79)

considered a “minor” outbreak

started in south, took 2-3 years to arrive in north

1379 pestilence recorded in Southampton