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Sir G's Military Company

Sir Geoffrey's military company is intended to represent typical English troops of the Hundred Years War.
The Company is built on a core of armored men comprising a knight commander (himself) and several other men-at-arms. However, the bulk of his troops are archers of one kind or another. If Sir Geoffrey is participating in a chevauchée (the devastating raids that are the foundation of English military strategy) his archers will all be mounted archers, but for other kinds of military expeditions he may have a mixture of mounted and foot archers.

The core of Sir Geoffrey's soldiers are retainers and tenants from his manors. These men wear his livery and are equipped at his expense. He does this to ensure that they have good, solid military equipment, including armor. Why? Because it makes good military sense to have protected soldiers. He also wants his company to look as impressive as possible, something considered even more important in the Middle Ages than it is today.

Other archers in the array include men contracted by indenture for the specific campaign or purpose. The equipment of such men is much more variable and only some of them choose to wear Sir Geoffrey's livery.

Soldiers were also drawn from among the servants. Sir Geoffrey, like most lords of the time, expects his male servants to be capable of taking up arms at need, so he often includes a varlet or some other servant on the list of archers he presents to his employer.

However a man comes onto Sir Geoffrey's list of soldiers, that man is paid. Pay rates vary by social rank, the type of duty, and agreed-upon terms. Sir Geoffrey's men do not consider themselves mercenaries, men who fight for no master; they are just soldiers, and soldiers get paid (usually late). But the real lure of military service is the chance for loot and ransom. A lucky soldier can be set up for life by proceeds from a single lucretive battle..

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