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Who We Are

There are actually three La Belle Compagnies.

The first is the corporation, a Virginia Non-profit educational corporation.

The second is re-enactment group through which the corporation presents its research, headquartered in northern Virginia.

The third is the medieval military company formed and commanded by the fictitious Sir Geoffrey Peel, a knight of Hampshire.

La Belle Compagnie, Incorporated is governed by a board of directors which also serves as the group’s Steering Committee. The Committee establishes policies and is in charge of the coordination of the company’s operations. It consists of the two co-captains and three elected members. The elected members serve three-year terms. One director is elected at the corporation’s annual member’s meeting in June of each year.

The Steering Committee is charged with fostering research and encouraging the constant improvement of La Belle Compagnie’s overall presentation and members' the individual presentations. The Committee also reviews all materials, such as artifacts and clothing, that are used in La Belle Compagnie presentations.


Most of our members reside in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

La Belle Compagnie, Inc. recognizes several categories of members as detailed in our by-laws. Membership in the company is at the invitation of the Board of Directors, and all changes in membership status must be approved by them.

New members begin as recruits. Once a recruit has fulfilled the requirements of a member and has proven to be compatible with the company’s ideals and approaches, the Board will issue an invitation to the recruit to change membership level.

Failure to maintain the standards required by a membership level is grounds for reduction of level.