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Living History

Our most common form of presentation is a "living history" encampment. We set up tents and sometimes other structures and go about daily activities. We appear dressed in historic costume.

When guests (the public) appear, we greet them and speak to them about our activities and about any aspect of our camp, goods, costume, and time period that interests them. Whenever possible and appropriate, we speak in the first person, as people of the time period.

What we do is termed "representative interpretation."

We are "representative" because none of our portrayals are based completely on a single historic character. Rather, they are composites intended to represent a "type" for the chosen portrayal, which is not to say that a given character does not have "personal opinions" on events and practices of his or her day.

We do "interpretation" because we help the public gain an understanding of certain aspects of history and life in our chosen historic period. We are not "re-enactors", because we do not re-enact particular events.