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Expectations of Members

Here’s some nitty-gritty about our expectations regarding our presentations

• You need to be properly equipped with the minimum clothing and equipment and knowledge to carry off your portrayal.

• Your clothing and gear need to be appropriate for your portrayal.

• Objects must appear as authentic as possible. (Yes, we occasionally fudge it, but check with the committee before doing so.)

• You can’t wear obvious modern vision corrections while participating in a presentation. (Contact lenses aren’t obvious.)

• You need to know facts and details about the portrayal you undertake. That’s not just personal stuff like your name, who you’re related to, where your home is, and so on, but something about what you do and living conditions in general. We have recommended reading and even some “cheat sheets” to help out.

• We do not do phony accents, but we do encourage conversation among participants in a presentation to be formal in its speech forms, and to be kept appropriate to the portrayals.

• We do most of our presentations in first person. However, if a guest “ain’t gettin’ it,” we drop out of character. We see our role as interpreters of the period, and our goal is to spread knowledge. If dropping a role is required to educate, do so.

• We encourage participants to develop bits of “character business” to enliven our events. Almost anything that your portrayal might do is fine, such as repairing equipment, practicing a suitable craft, caring for gear, etc.

• We also encourage our folks to develop bits of interactive character business such as arming the knight, training sessions, a lady and her maids sewing and gossiping, a presentation meal, etc.

And a few general notes about how we "play"

• We don’t expect you to devote your life to La Belle Compagnie, but we do expect you to keep commitments you make and to be honest with us about your level of activity.

• We don’t mind if you participate in other groups, but we do expect you to refrain from describing activities and participation in such groups during a presentation.

• Some of our folks have strong opinions about other living history/re-enactment groups. We expect any mentions of such groups at presentations to be polite. No disparaging, disrespectful, or slighting comments should be made.