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The Basics

All portrayals require certain basics (clothing and minimal kit) as well as a willingness to learn and share one's knowlege

Basic clothing for a man consists of a shirt and braes of linen; headgear (such as a hood, preferably of wool); a tunic (preferably of wool); hosen (preferably of wool); and shoes (if your hosen do not have leather soles).

If your hair is "modern," you'll need a linen coif or cap.

Click the picture (left) if you want a better look at the spread of clothes

Basic clothing for a woman consists of a shift of linen; headgear (such as a head wrap or a veil and wimple); a kirtle (usually of linen); a gown (preferably of wool); hosen (preferably of wool); and shoes.

Basic personal gear consists of a belt (with pewter, tinned iron, or copper alloy fittings that include a buckle and strap end at the very least); a purse or a bag to hang from your belt; a bowl and drinking vessel (wood and ceramic are typical); a spoon (wood, horn, or pewter); a knife in a leather sheath (for a man, this could be his dagger); and a container for your goods (a cloth bag is sufficient).

You may find a second layer of clothing, spare hosen, a pair of pattens (wood- or leather-soled "overshoes"), and a cloke useful, as some of our presentations occur in seasons when cold and/or rainy weather is likely.

John and Alys in their "undies" John and Alys stripped down for heavy work John and Alys in their "everyday" wear
John and Alys bundled up for cold weather

As you can see, John the archer has got more stuff than just his clothes. An Archer Portrayal requires more kit than a simple commoner.

John in marching order