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Expanded Reading List

Contemporary England

H. S. Bennett, Life on the English Manor, Cambridge U., 1948.

Derek Brewer, Chaucer and His World, Dodd Mead, 1978.

Norman F. Cantor, The Medieval Reader: First-hand accounts of the Middle Ages including letters, essays, state and church documents, poetry and ballads, HarperCollins, 1994.

Donald R. Howard, Chaucer: His Life, His Works, His World, Fawcett, 1987.

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A. R. Myers, London in the Age of Chaucer, U. of Oklahoma, 1972.

Edith Rickert, Chaucer's World, Oxford U., 1948.

Contemporary France

Theodore Evergates, trans., Feudal Society in Medieval France: Documents from the County of Champagne, U. of Pennsylvania, 1993.

Margaret Wade Labarge, Gascony: England's First Colony 1204-1453, Hamish Hamilton, 1980.

Nicolas Wright, Knights and Peasants: The Hundred Years War in the French Countryside, Boydell, 1998.

History and "Current" Events

Bryan Bevan, King Richard II, Rubicon, 1990.

Leonard Cowie, The Black Death and Peasants' Revolt, Wyland Documentary History Series, 1972.

R. B. Dobson, ed., The Peasants' Revolt of 1381, 2nd edition, Macmillan, 1983.

Kenneth Fowler, The Age of Plantagenet and Valois: The Struggle for Supremacy 1328-1498, Elek, 1967.

Jean Froissart (trans. Geoffrey Brereton), Chronicles, Penguin, 1978.

R. H. Hilton & T. H. Aston, eds., The English Rising of 1381, Cambridge U., 1984.

May McKisack, , Oxford U., 1991.

Politics, Personalities, and Afiliations

Chris Given-Wilson, The Royal Household and the King's Affinity: Service, Politics and Finance in England 1360-1413, Yale U., 1986.

Michael Hicks, Who's Who in Late Medieval England, Shepheard-Walwyn, 1991.

Michael Hicks, Bastard Feudalism, Longman Medieval World series, 1995.

Gervase Matthew, The Court of Richard II, John Murray, 1968.

Anthony Tuck, Crown and Nobility 1272-1461: Political Conflict in Late Medieval England, Barnes & Noble, 1986.

Simon Walker, The Lancastrian Affinity 1361-1399, Oxford Historical Monographs, 1990.

Hampshire and Southampton

John Barton, The Visitor's Guide to Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Hunter, 1990.

Ordnance Survey: Hampshire Walks, 1993.

John Oxley, ed., Excavations at Southampton Castle, Southampton City Museums, 1986.

C. P. S. Platt, Medieval Southampton: The Port and Trading Community AD 1000-1600, Rutledge & Kegan Paul, 1973.

Barbara Carpenter Turner, A History of Hampshire, Phillimore, 1988.


Bernard Hamilton, Religion in the Medieval West, Edward Arnold, 1986.

Jacobus de Voragine (trans. William Granger Ryan), The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints, Princeton U., 1993.

W. A. Pantin, The English Church in the Fourteenth Century, U. of Toronto, 1980.

R. N. Swanson, Church & Society in Late Medieval England, Blackwell, 1993.


J. J. Jusserand (trans. Lucy Toulmin Smith), English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages (XIVth Century), Ernest Benn, 1931.

Norbert Ohler (trans. Caroline Hillier), The Medieval Traveller, Boydell, 1989.

Marjorie Rowling, Everyday Life of Medieval Travellers, Dorset Press, 1971.

Money and Economics

Richard H. Britnell, The Commercialization of English Society 1000-1500, 2nd edition, Manchester U., 1996

Christopher Dyer, Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: Social Change in England c. 1200-1520, Cambridge Medieval Textbooks, 1989.

Peter Spufford, Money and Its Use in Medieval Europe, Cambridge U., 1988.

Households and Families

ania Bayard, A Medieval Home Companion, HarperColiins, 1991.

J. M. W. Bean, From Lord to Patron: Lordship in Late Medieval England, U. of Pennsylvania, 1989.

P. D. Blackley & G. Hermansen, eds., The Household Book of Queen Isabella of England, U. of Alberta Classical and Historical Studies, 1971.

Christine de Pizan (trans. Charity Cannon Willard), The Treasure of the City of Ladies, Bard Hall/Persea, 1989.

Frances & Joseph Gies, Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages, Harper & Row, 1987.

Barbara A. Hanawalt, The Ties That Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England, Oxford U., 1986.

Barbara A. Hanawalt, Growing up in Medieval London: The Experience of Childhood in History, Oxford U., 1993.

David Herlihy, Medieval Households, Harvard U., 1985.

Iris Origo, The Merchant of Prato, Folio Society, 1984.

Nicholas Orme, From Childhood to Chivalry: The Education of the English Kings and Aristocracy 1066-1530, Methuen, 1984.

Shulamith Shahar, Childhood in the Middle Ages, Routledge, 1992.

Erika Uitz (trans. Sheila Marnie), The Legend of Good Women: Medieval Women in Towns & Cities, Moyer Bell, 1990.

Jennifer C. Ward, English Noblewomen in the Later Middle Ages, Longman Medieval World series, 1992.

Jennifer C. Ward, Women of the English Nobility and Gentry, Manchester U., 1995.

C. M. Woolgar, ed., Household Accounts from Medieval England, Oxford U., 1992.

Other matters of Daily Life

Marie Collins & Virginia Davis, A Medieval Book of Seasons, HarperCollins, 1992.

N. Denholm-Young, The Country Gentry in the Fourteenth Century, Clarendon, 1969.

Georges Duby, ed., A History of Private Life, vol. 2: Revelations of the Medieval World, Belknap, 1988.

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Margaret Sinclair Ogden, ed., The “Liber de Dicersis Medicinis,’ EETS, 1969.

Carole Rawcliffe, Medicine & Society in Later Medieval England, Sutton, 1995.

Compton Reeves, Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England, Oxford U., 1998.

J. Singman & W. McLean, ed., Daily Life in the Age of Chaucer, Greenwood, 1995.

Peter Speedwell, ed.,Those who Fought, Italica, 1996. Those who Prayed, Italica, 1997. Those who Worked, Italica, 1997.

The "Look"

Françoise Avril, Manuscript Painting at the Court of France, The Fourteenth Century, Braziller, 1978.

Janet Backhouse, The Illuminated Page, U. of Toronto, 1997. The Luttrel Psalter, The British Library, 1969.

Michael Camille, The Gothic Idol, Ideology and Image-making in Medieval Art, Cambridge U., 1991.
Image on the Edge: The Margins of Medieval Art, Reaktion, 1992. Master of Death, Yale U., 1996 Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrel Psalter and the making of Medieval England, U. of Chicago, 1998

Charles D. Cutler, Northern Painting from Pucelle to Bruegel, Holt, Reinhart, and Wilson, 1968.

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Artifacts, Crafts, and Trades

J. Alexander & P. Binski. Age of Chivalry, Art in Plantagenet England 1200-1400, Royal Academy of Arts, 1987.

Luisa Cogliati Arano, The Medieval Health Handbook, Braziller, 1976.

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British Museum Medieval Craftsmen series:

Paul Binski, Painters, 1991

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N. Coldstream, Masons and Sculptors, 1991

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Clothing and Accessories

Antiquities Journal volume 36.

Janet Arnold, The Jupon or Coat-Armour of the Black Prince in Canterbury Cathedral, Journal of the Church Monument Society Vol. VIII, 1993.

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Military Matters and the Hundred Years War

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Cooking and Table Service

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