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Our Gracious Compagnie

cavalcade picture

The Gentry The Commons

The Clergy

Sir Geoffrey Peel

Lady Joan Peel

Gilbert Mercer

Julian Wallace

Stephen Wallace

Thomas of Stockbridge

Father Peter

Will Cressy

John of Andover

Ned Walderne

John Arundel

Edward Manser

Robert Mareschale

Brother Peter

Henry Peel

Edward Peel

Avis Arundel



Robert Cook

Ursula Doughty

Elizabeth Baxter

Clare La Beguine

Andrew Breton

Robert Carter

John Langton


Father John

Sir Brian

Sir Guishart

Richard Spryngot

Marjorie Atte Well

"Long Jack" Goddescalk

Katherine le Fleming

Father Barnard

Thomas of Calais


Philip Spooner

Piers Fletcher

Alys Coventre

Thomas Carpenter


Martin L'allemagne

Roger Forster